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A unique, step-by-step Flower Arranging Instructional DVD.

Flower Arranging DVD

Many of you, just like me, had enough of books and the theory of Flower Design. Well now, it's your chance to get your hands on the first ever of it's kind, 82 minutes of real Flower Arranging DVD.

It is the first of 4 Volumes on Flower design, and it is dedicated to the most fashionable and versatile way of arranging flowers, the hand-tied bouquet.

In 82 minutes, in the comfort of your home, you will learn four styles of hand tied arrangements, whether to use as a hobby, to style your own dinner parties, to make your own flower gifts or lastly but more importantly to find out if you can make floristry your profession.


Flower Arranging DVD

Out of the Bloom has been created by Joanna's a very charismatic - funky lady, rather unconventional with a lively and vivacious personality. She believes that life should be fun and full of laughter and never taken too seriously particularly when you are creating beauty with flowers.

As Joanna says, "Flowers are the only beauty, beside animals, that are designed by nature, put together by angels and give us a glimpse of heaven".

Joanna's approach to flower design is totally dynamic and mirrors her passionate Mediterranean personality. She believes that essentially, the art of flowers goes

beyond simple visual pleasure, and is truly therapeutic.
Joanna CEO

Joanna / CEO

In her previous existence as founder of 'Aurora' Joanna spent 10 very successful years creating her very innovative flora l designs and supplying outstanding flowers and plants to the good people of London's fashionable Belsize Park - Hampstead, including many appreciative celebrities amongst her clientele.

Download Flower Arranging Instructional DVD.

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